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Index and Descriptions

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Page 1-4: Powerhouse Museum "Love Lace" exhibition, Sydney,
    Australia. Lace shawl, 60/2 silk..
Page 5-7: Lace shawl. metallic cotton thread.
Page 8: Lace shawl, hand spun Canadian Shetland lace wool from naturally coloured sheep.
Page 9: Lace shawl, designer yarn; New approach to shawl design.
- 2006 Australia "Blurring the Boundaries: Fashion Design Innovation
    in Contemporary Knitting". Fairfield City Museum and Gallery,
    a centre of excellence in contemporary textiles and fibre arts.
- 2007 World of Threads Festival: Common Thread Exhibition
    (Sheridan Institute, Ontario): First prize, Traditional Design.
Page 10: Lace shawl, designer yarn. 2006 Alberta "Focus on Fibre" First Prize.
    Exhibited in Alberta Craft Council Gallery.
Page 11-12: 2008 Alberta "Focus on Fibre" Designer award: First Prize
    and Best of category.
Page 13-14: Lace shawls, Canadian Shetland lace wool from
    naturally coloured sheep
Page 15-19: Cheongju International Craft Biennale: Lace shawl, 30g of
    60/2 silk, 122 x 91 cm. With this shawl I was privileged to be one of
    the 208 Canadian fine craft artists from all provinces and territories
    selected to be part of the Unity and Diversity exhibit in the Canadian
    guest pavilion at the 2009 Cheongju International Craft Biennale.
Page 20: Lace shawl, Canadian Shetland lace wool from
    naturally coloured sheep.
Page 21-24: Lace shawl, 30g of 60/2 silk.
Page 25-28: Lace shawl, approx. 25g of 60/2 silk.
Page 29-32: Lace shawl, 1000 yards of #80 cotton tatting thread.
Page 33: Lace-on-Lace: fragile and bold come together. A
    combination of a large 60/2 silk shawl and the shawl from page 10 of
    this Booklet,made with designer yarn.
Page 34: Triangular lace shawl: this silver-grey shawl and the two
    following shawls were made from yarn reworked from designs I had
    made 10 years previously, but which were never worn. All are in fine
    metallic/shimmer yarns. The yarn was unpicked and reworked
    without any other processing.
Page 35: Triangular lace shawl in reworked gold metallic/
   shimmer yarn.
Page 36: Triangular lace shawl in reworked light silver metallic/
   shimmer yarn.
Page 37: Triangular lace shawl in 60/2 silk.