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Index and Descriptions

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Page 1-3: Bridal veil: 1-ply Shetland cobweb lace wool.
- Knitting Guild of America International design contest1st place,
    Precision and Endurance section.
- 2001 Gibsons Fiber Festival, best of show
- 2003 Sole exhibition: A 3-month exhibition of ten of my designs in
    Drumlanrig's Tower in Hawick, Scotland, under the auspices of the
    Scottish Borders Council Museums and Galleries.
Page 4: Square shawl using new technique. 1-ply Shetland cobweb lace
- 2005 Displayed at Saltspring Island Fibre Festival.
Page 5-6: A canvas I had painted got stored behind the shawl from the
    previous page. One day, when going upstairs to the sun-drenche
    room, I was amazed at the effect. It was a lovely surprise. The two
    pictures were taken with slightly different lighting..
Page 7-8: Lace shawl made using wool from Canadian naturally
    coloured Shetland sheep. 2004 North American Shetland Sheep
    Association conference. Second place.
Page 9-10: Heirloom sampler, 1-ply Shetland cobweb lace wool.
- 2004 Alberta "Focus on Fibre" Designer award: First Prize.
    Displayed in Edmonton Art Gallery and Craft Council of Alberta
Page 11-12: "Patterns of Space" Halifax Exhibition, 2015.
Page 13: Short oval wedding veil, 60/2 silk.
Page 14: Circular Shawl, 60/2 silk.