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Index and Descriptions

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Page 1: Lace sampler knitted with fine waxed dental floss on 2mm needles.
Page 2: Garters, cotton thread.
Page 3: Sampler, #80 cotton thread.
Page 4: Garter, fine waxed dental floss. 2006 Alberta "Focus on Fibre"
    Second Prize. Displayed in Edmonton Art Gallery and Craft Council
    of Alberta Gallery.
Page 5: Sampler, #80 cotton thread.
Page 6: Garters, linen thread with metallic thread inserts.
Page 7: Sampler, #80 cotton on 2mm needles.
Page 8: 3 hand knitted lace below-the-knee garters: #80 tatting cotton
    (top); silk and stainless steel yarn for lace/weaving (middle); 60/2
    silk (bottom).
Page 9: Sampler, 60/2 silk. 2005 "Let's Celebrate": La Encajera - Lace
    Contest, La Senyera, Valencia, Spain, Certificate.
Page 10: Two garters in Egyptian cotton.
Page 11: Two garters in 60/2 silk.
Page 12: Garters: Copper and bamboo (top), fine linnen (bottom).