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Alberta Craft Council
   Process; Thinking Through
   Participating Artist 2018

Orleans Gallery, England
   Lacemakers Exhibition
   Participating Artist 2014

Manitoba Crafts Museum
   Feeding the Soul: the value
   of craft in modern society.
   Participating Artist 2014
Red Deer College
   Golden Edge Exhibition
   Participating Artist 2013
Alberta Craft Council
   Golden Edge Exhibition
   Participating Artist 2013

Powerhouse Museum 2011
Cheongju International
   Craft Biennale 2009

   - Cheongju Finalist
World of Threads Festival
   2007 Award Winner

Australia: Blurring the
   Boundaries 2006 Finalist

Alberta Craft Council
Craft Council of BC
Cdn. Craft Federation
Jamieson and Smith
Shetland Isles Museum

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Index and Descriptions

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Page 1: Rock collection.
Page 2: Rock with lace made from garden twine.
Page 3-4: Box, with faded label, and fabric pieces (see Background below).
Page 5-7: Fabric fantasies.
Page 8-9: Fabric flowers.
Page 10-13: Fabric flower groupings, one with an added touch of holly for Christmas: Fabric flowers.
Page 14-17: Christmas home decorations and small gifts
- Rocks with water and a candle, and lace trim
- Holly from my garden, candle and metallic lace trim
- Holly and rocks, candle and metallic lace trim
- Dried lavender from my garden, with lace trim and fibre flower

Background: At least 9 years ago I was awarded an Alberta Focus on Fibre prize in a theme, "We are most creative when having fun." The prize consisted of a box of fabric off-cuts in all shapes and sizes, rich in colors and textures, from a clothing designer. The challenge from the designer was along the lines of, "I wonder what you can do with these pieces?" It would have been a treasure trove for someone who sews. As I don't sew, I thought several times about giving them away to quilters. However, I realized the challenge was to me and not someone else. This summer I started making a few fabric flowers, then in December 2012 I came across the box again and the time was right to combine fabric, fibres, rocks and pieces of lace. I had so much inspiration and fun playing around with different ideas. Each flower contains a small piece of fibre, while most of the ones on rocks also contain some lace. I went on from the flowers to make some simple Christmas gifts.