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Index and Descriptions

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Page 1: Rock collection.
Page 2: Rock with lace made from garden twine.
Page 3-4: Box, with faded label, and fabric pieces (see Background below).
Page 5-7: Fabric fantasies.
Page 8-9: Fabric flowers.
Page 10-13: Fabric flower groupings, one with an added touch of holly for Christmas: Fabric flowers.
Page 14-17: Christmas home decorations and small gifts
- Rocks with water and a candle, and lace trim
- Holly from my garden, candle and metallic lace trim
- Holly and rocks, candle and metallic lace trim
- Dried lavender from my garden, with lace trim and fibre flower

Background: At least 9 years ago I was awarded an Alberta Focus on Fibre prize in a theme, "We are most creative when having fun." The prize consisted of a box of fabric off-cuts in all shapes and sizes, rich in colors and textures, from a clothing designer. The challenge from the designer was along the lines of, "I wonder what you can do with these pieces?" It would have been a treasure trove for someone who sews. As I don't sew, I thought several times about giving them away to quilters. However, I realized the challenge was to me and not someone else. This summer I started making a few fabric flowers, then in December 2012 I came across the box again and the time was right to combine fabric, fibres, rocks and pieces of lace. I had so much inspiration and fun playing around with different ideas. Each flower contains a small piece of fibre, while most of the ones on rocks also contain some lace. I went on from the flowers to make some simple Christmas gifts.